Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Invaders from SPAAACE!

"Is that a leafblower, or our desktop?" Ears ringing, the wif and I travelled to Fry's Electronics to buy a new CPU fan and power supply. We also picked up a $80 printer/ scanner/ copier/ latte-maker -- who could resist?

The Fry's is themed "Space Invaders!" You enter beneath a crashed UFO, then walk past the laser-beam-shattered remains of a Jeep. You peruse printers under the gaze and tentacles of the Martian octopus. And of course, you comparison-shop for washer/dryers, or maybe just nap in a massage-chair, under the thorax of a giant space-ant.

Good prices, actual components (resistors! CPU fans in odd sizes! power supplies from 0.2 --1 kWatt!), and an evening's entertainment. Sure beats the pants off Best Buy.

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lorax said...

Don't forget that the staff were actually competent and helpful (except the guy who tried to sell us the $24 USB cable instead of the $12 one, because he was on commission). Reason enough to drive the extra ten minutes right there.