Friday, February 2, 2007

Joe! special shouts out:

  • to Angry Black Bitch for summing it up: "A bitch would like to extend a special thank you to Senator Joe Biden... who was kind enough to remind everyone why Black History matters."
  • and to Al Chutzpah Sharpton: when Joe called to apologize, "Mr. Sharpton started off the conversation reassuring Mr. Biden about his hygienic practices. 'I told him I take a bath every day,' Mr. Sharpton said." (NY Times).
What I'm (painfully) trying to learn: It's easy to rant. It's hard, but much more effective, to skewer with humor. Nothing deflates a windbag like being laughed at...

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Andrea said...

Okay, Sharpton's line is really fucking funny. And he's got the persona to pull it off -- you can't imagine, say, Colin Powell opening with that line.