Thursday, March 22, 2007

"Do I have a right to speak?"

"The double marginalization of gender and sexual orientation makes voicing our positions difficult, and indeed dangerous. Do I have a right to speak? What is my language? How much abuse will I incur for being 'too visible'?"
-Shawna Dempsey, 1994, qtd in "Her Tongue on My Theory"

Ran across this quote, thought it elegant. Also a concise argument for blogging by pseudonym...


Jackie M. said...

Extremely tangentially related: did you hear about the Penn State coach resignation?

astrodyke said...

What else to say, other than Good Riddance.

To us happy liberals who want to believe that egalitarian hiring practices lead to success, it's galling that Renee won so many games with her homophobic, fear-based coaching methods. But ah, well, jerks do succeed.