Friday, June 1, 2007

Wifi versus Self Magazine

Does med school teach doctors to select insipid waiting room magazines? Or do they pick it up naturally? Is there a special course to help OB/Gyns select that lethal combination of Self, People, Parenting, and Real Estate Woman?

Memo to doctors: If you stock The Advocate, Lesbian News, or any other magazine that acknowledges gay people exist (and you're on my health plan), I will switch to you double-fast. If you stock Poz (a magazine about HIV+ people) or magazines featuring women of color who aren't Oprah, you win double inclusion points.

At least now, doctors offices have WiFi, so I can read the NY Times in the waiting room.

1 comment:

Zuska said...

Oh, Amen! Who has the waiting-room magazine subscription concession? Because I'd like to smack them silly!