Thursday, August 2, 2007

Deny us equal rights and you may be inconvenienced!

The Orange County case shows how heterosexuals can be the collateral damage of the lesser legal status of domestic partnership. If spousal support does not end with domestic partnership, "heterosexual men are the ones whose ox is being gored more often than not," said San Francisco family law attorney Diana Richmond.

From this LATimes article.

Such news stories are of particular interest to those of us who are in one of these separate-but-unequal CA domestic partnerships, and are still trying to map out how it's unequal to marriage.

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Chanda! said...

Quite interesting! Thanks for sharing. I worry less about the name in title (marriage v. partnerships) and more about federal immigration. At the moment, it'd be very hard for me to take a job in the US because my girlfriend isn't Canadian. This kills me a little bit everytime I think about it.