Thursday, September 6, 2007

NASA's roadmap: bad news for high-energy astro?

A new report's out from a National Research Council panel, which prioritizes missions in NASA's Beyond Einstein portfolio. (Beyond Einstein is "NASA's research roadmap for five proposed mission areas to study the most compelling questions at the intersection of physics and astronomy.") Such panels influence what missions get funded, and which get the scrap-heap.

The verdict: JDEM (a dark energy cosmology mission) is the highest priority. Then LISA (gravity wave detection from space). As for high-energy observational astronomy: screw any high-energy X-ray telescope mission. And Con-X is too interesting and important to all astronomy to spend Beyond Einstein money on it.

Links: the run-down from Steinn, and the text of the NRC report.

Opinions on what this means for the future of high-energy astronomy?

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