Thursday, September 20, 2007

Perhaps this won't be a good day, after all

If Steinn can use an Ipod to predict the future, I can use spam. Today bodes ill:


Good day astrodyke
get rid of that self-esteem once and for all.


Jackie M. said...

Wait. Are we getting rid of the low self-esteem, or the self-esteem in general?

The AstroDyke said...

Text was copied verbatim.

Perhaps they meant "that low self-esteem problem", which I presume they'd like to solve for me using sildenafil citrate.

But as they wrote it, it's a perfect advertisement for grad school.

The AstroDyke said...

And today, the spammer sent me quotes from the Iliad:

"Can Peleus' son forget a warrior's part.
And fears Ulysses, skill'd in every art?
Why stand you distant, and the rest expect
To mix in combat which yourselves neglect?
From you 'twas hoped among the first to dare
The shock of armies, and commence the war;
For this your names are call'd before the rest,
To share the pleasures of the genial feast:
And can you, chiefs! without a blush survey
Whole troops before you labouring in the fray?
Say, is it thus those honours you requite?
The first in banquets, but the last in fight."