Friday, November 2, 2007

Come back,!

The American Astronomical Society website is down. Replaced by a domain-name-squatting default website. Not that anyone would be needing to check the job register this time of year. Or at this time of morning. Sigh.

(Title changed from "AAS, pay yer domain name dues!" to avoid confusion.)


marvel said...

The AAS internet services, provided by Verizon were down due to a failing network hub. This caused the Domain Name Server with the AAS information to be disconnected from the net,
incoveniencing our members and causing the appearance of our domain name not being active. The AAS domain name dues are always paid on time.

Kevin Marvel, AAS Executive Officer

The AstroDyke said...

Thanks for the update, Kevin. It'll be good to have the Job Register back online.

Was just kidding about the dues.