Monday, June 30, 2008

Go see Wall-E

Saw Pixar's new movie Wall-E over the weekend. No kidding, it's the best movie I've seen on the big screen since "Life is Beautiful" and "American Beauty". The first hour is a Chaplin-style silent movie.

Go see it this week, while it's on the biggest screen at your local multiplex.


dr. dave said...

i agree that Wall-E was a great movie... plus... bonus jokes for Apple and Kubrick fanboys (and girls) both!!

Matt said...

Eh, I wasn't that impressed, actually. I'm not sure if I was in the wrong mood for it, but I thought "Incredibles" had a better flow to it.

It wasn't a *bad* film per se, but it just felt a bit too stilted and lectured the audience a bit too much.

Visually, though, it was very spectacular and definitely worth a matinée viewing on the big screen. Watching the big storms roll in actually made me shiver!