Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Up to 17 Hubble Fellows per year?

"We anticipate offering up to seventeen Hubble fellowships this year, with selection by peer review by experts from areas of research spanning the full range of the Cosmic Origins theme." I suppose that's only 2 more than the old system(10 Hubble Fellows + 5 Spitzer Fellows).

Likewise, the Chandra & GLAST fellowships have been concatenated into the "Einstein Fellowships", with "up to 10 fellows in 2009".

What does this bode for fellowship-seeking astronomers?

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Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that we also have the Sagan fellowship (for exoplanets) that co-opts the Michelson fellowship and probably some fraction of the Spitzer and Hubble fellowships. I can't find a corresponding statement on the number of fellowships offered, but it'll probably be mentioned in the official announcement tomorrow. The Michelson hasn't even been offered for the past year or two, so I think these developments can be seen as a net positive in the planet community.