Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Prop 8 -- waiting for a full count

Prop 8 is ahead, though provisional and absentee ballots haven't been counted. So we wait, and hope, and know that we did what we could to create a fairer California where everybody is treated equally.

Here's a snapshot of me yesterday, outside a suburban LA polling place, asking voters to vote NO on 8. (Taken to demonstrate that I was standing outside the 100 ft line.)

We tried HARD, we really did.

Beautiful to see Obama win, though. I went to one of the afterparties in LA, tired and grubby from a day at the polls. The ballroom was full of delighted people, many with homemade t-shirts, plurality of African-Americans but with many races represented, dancing & smiling & looking around in wonderment. My wife and I saw both a dark-skinned woman wearing a chador, and a dignified elderly queen dressed in pink. Which is quite a Big Tent.

Update: Can we PLEASE kill the myth that black voters passed Prop 8? They didn't. Old voters and religious voters passed Prop 8. Go read 538's analysis.

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