Thursday, February 5, 2009

Job Cancellation Mill

The Astrophysics Job Rumor mill currently shows 9 faculty searches are reportedly canceled or suspended. (Calstate x2, Dartmouth, Hertfordshire, Hopkins, Amherst, NC, Pitt, SC.)

Add a few other searches that may not have money to hire this year, and a few more institutions that decided not to advertise for a position this year, and you've got quite a grim year to be looking for a faculty job.

Of course, there are always positions for analytic brains in the financial secto-- oh, wait, nevermind.


Anonymous said...

Rumour has it, though, that this is a really good year to be looking for a postdoc position --- supposedly those places that can't afford faculty are looking for postdocs instead.

ZLN said...

Ha, and I have always told my parents Academia is recession-proof in the sense the dominant driving force behind job availability is noise.