Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You are not welcome here.

Visiting a purple state on business, I stopped by a pizza joint, ordered a slice, and sat down with the town's alternative weekly newspaper. I read about the GOP candidate, putting the goober in gubernatorial, and how he thinks that feminists and homosexuals are destroying America. He was asked if that meant he wouldn't appoint a gay judge, and responded "It would depend on his actions." So, if a gay lawyer spends hours fantasizing about smooth pectoral muscles, but never actually goes on a date, then he's a fine candidate for the bench. Right?

I got so mad, reading the alt-weekly, waiting for my pizza. How dare this governor-wannabe force his religion on the rest of us. Do I tell him how to live his life? Which god to believe in? How to pray to her?

Here I am, in one of the few states where astronomy jobs are currently being advertised, and here's the leading candidate for governor, telling me I am not welcome in his state, nor my family, nor our values.

I finished the pizza, walked down the street, past the opposition candidate's local storefront headquarters. I doubled back, walked in, and gave them $20.


estraven said...

Great reaction! Sorry, I have no interesting comment, just wanted to say that I appreciate your blog very much. Please keep writing.

Brian said...

Just curious - what state? Sounds like our GOP candidate here in KS. Unfortunately, he doesn't even have an opponent. Not that anyone but Sam Brownback could possibly win the election. We're already planning the coronation of our great theocrat.

Jackie M. said...

Hah, estraven. Nice handle.

Hey, AD, put your application in at ASU. We're purple, and looking for a "cosmology observer," and you already know exactly how and where we suck bigoted homophobic nuggets.

The AstroDyke said...

Estraven, thanks!

Brian, state=VA. Which is slightly progressive, or scarily bigoted, depending on its hormone and fiber levels.

Jackie, thanks, I hadn't seen the ad, which hasn't been published on the job register yet, but a little digging pulls it out.