Saturday, December 27, 2014

On Anonymity

When I started this blog I made it pseudonymous, because I didn’t want it to be all about me.  Or rather, that I thought that because the perspectives of queer people in science are so seldom heard, and so frequently suppressed, that the perspective I could offer was more important than my name.  And that it mattered to have people standing up and saying, “Yes, there are gay people in science.  We exist.”  I was following the lead of great blogs like Female Science Professor, the now-defunct Bitch, PhD, and Angry Black Bitch.  Anonymity allowed these writers to speak with greater candor and wisdom.  Also, I was on soft money.

In practice, because the astronomical community is so small, it’s hard to blog in ways that don’t reveal my identity.  Even details could be identifying, like when I travel, who I saw speak recently, or issues we're having at my home institution.  As a result, I haven’t blogged much, I suppose out of fear.  I’ve recently decided that that’s silly, and I’ve decided to loosen up and start writing more freely.  As a result, I may include a detail that would allow you to figure out my name.  I encourage you not to.   The AstroDyke is not a person.  The AstroDyke is everywhere.  Please protect her superhero identity.

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