Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Don't forget tonight's total lunar eclipse!

Don't forget tonight's total lunar eclipse, my peeps!

As the map at left shows, the eclipse will be visible from Europe, West Africa, and the Americas. (map source and related article, with lots of useful details, at Sky & Telescope.)

You'd think professional astronomers would be vigilant about such natural phenomena, but half the folks in my department didn't know. And I learned about it from my humble local newspaper. I guess our thoughts are focused too narrowly on redshift three.

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Chuck said...

Maybe the moon was moving away from you really fast?

We had out total back in August down here, but the thing I noticed and liked was that during the eclipse, all the stars that were usually washed out were bright as- including the small cloud, which is usually hard to see with a bright moon. So if your colleagues really are that clueless, you might be able to nick an hour of decent observing time when the next one comes around...