Tuesday, March 4, 2008

100th post, HST proposals, and same-sex marriage

Three quick things:

1) The California Supreme Court just heard oral arguments about same-sex marriage. At issue: Is our separate-but-equal Domestic Partner registration a sufficient consolation prize, or do the wif & me deserve equal rights? (BTW, if I had a dollar for every time a straight person asked me, "What's a DP?", then I'd have about $25. Equal my ass.)

You can watch the video of oral arguments, or try this alternate video source. That's my plan for the evening, while running S/N calculations, b/c, after all, #2...

2) Hubble Space Telescope proposals are due Friday at 8pm EST. Ack. It never ends.

3) This is my 100th post. Lately I've been reluctant to post new content, out of a fear that blogging might hurt my job prospects. Few things are confidential in academia; academics generally view blogging with suspicion (I remember a young prof in my dept arguing that they shouldn't hire anyone who finds time to blog); and blogging with a minority viewpoint makes the enterprise still more suspicious. Please feel free to talk me out of this mindset.

Now, back to Hubble proposals.


dr. dave said...

Wish I could talk you out of that mindset, but unfortunately... you're probably right.

Would love to hear more about the HST proposal, though.

Anonymous said...

Let me try and talk you out of that mindset: Not everyone is homophobic. There may actually be people in academia who see your blog as a public outreach and education effort. They may also perceive it as courageous. I would also argue that it gives hope to young people who found this site on an internet search and are inspired to know that there really are lesbians working in astronomy. You embody possibility for them, bringing astronomy within their realm of dreams. If you let the fear of homophobia stop you, we all lose.