Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New book from the Female Science Professor

Yesterday while my CPUs churned, I downloaded the new e-book "Academeology: Random Musings, Strong Opinions & Somewhat Bizarre Anecdotes From An Academic Life" by the blogger Female Science Professor. 286 pages, $5.75 to buy the PDF download.

After a quick read, it looks great -- there are sections on the academic job search, time management, grad school admissions, interpersonal research relations, grant-writing, scientific talks, and more. And a few "Oh no he didn't" war stories that we women-in-science sometimes swap to keep ourselves sane in a sometimes-hostile environment. Sprinked throughout are amusing mini-rants, as you'd expect from an edited, sorted compilation of blog posts.

Result: I've added "Academeology" to my academic career advice bookshelf, next to Richard Reis's "Tomorrow's Professor" and a few others.

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