Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pop Quiz!

Quickly, off the cuff: How many of the 100 US Senators are women?

Write down your best guess in the comments. (Then you may check the wikipedia.)
Remember, if you copy off your neighbor, you're only hurting yourself.


Becky said...

13! I think. 9 D, 4 R. But that might have been before 2006.

(Oh, I just checked. Well it's nice to be almost pleasantly surprised by the actual number? Compared to my guess?)

kelle said...

5. I can think of 3 off hand and I guess I am missing 2.

Don't Panic said...

um... 12?

Aaron said...

Oh man, I have no idea! I'll guess 22. (My gut feeling was "24", but I decided to reduce it since I usually overestimate the number of women in a room/class/field/etc.)