Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Calling your representatives

After calling my state and US representatives' offices, and leaving a short message regarding issues I care about ("Yes, I SUPPORT the hate crimes bill"), I wonder, "Did I make any difference?"

Today I stumbled upon this startling example:
[Vermont state legislator] Robert South, a freshman Democrat from a conservative district, said he reversed his position after 228 of his constituents reached out and urged him to support the override, compared with 198 who urged him to oppose it.
From "Gay Rights Groups Celebrate Victories in Marriage Push", NYT, April 7 2009.

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Jonathan Lubin said...

For the most part, state legislators get very few calls or other messages from their constituents, and are very grateful to hear from you. That was certainly my experience in Rhode Island. On issues where their own minds are not made up, a few constituent calls can really make a difference.