Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prop 8: follow the money

Five months later, the pain of Prop 8 still feels fresh. But I'm a data geek, and the AP compiled a database of Prop 8 donors (in support and in opposition), so here goes a quick look.

First, churches. What donors with "Church" in their names gave? Of the 13 churches that donated the most money, only 1 opposed Prop 8. Only 3 progressive churches were able to cobble together 1K to oppose Prop 8. That's just sad.

But those aren't the biggest donors. Here are the biggest donors for Prop 8, against it, and combined.

Some famous names among the big donors:

Interesting omissions: California's US Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, and Governor Schwarzenegger are not listed as having made contributions.

You can search by zip code, employer, or name. Leave those blank to search all, then sort by the column headers. What else is there?

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lorax said...

I really wish I could download the whole thing and do some serious data-mining. Histograms would be interesting -- I suspect the "No" side has a longer tail of small donations, though that may be below their $100 cutoff. Or to look at where out-of-state money goes, and in what amounts.