Friday, May 7, 2010

2010 Senior Review Report

NASA periodically convenes a "Senior Review" of astronomers to consider all current missions (except Hubble, for political reasons), judge their future prospects, and recommend which ones should be given more money, and which should be axed.  The 2010 report just came out.  Here's the report, a table, and a summary article, via Kelle at Astrobetter:

2010 Senior Review for Operating Missions – NASA Science
Results of the most recent Senior Review of NASA’s operating missions. Link to a PDF with comments on each mission at the bottom of the page. Their rank ordering, from highest to lowest: Plank, Chandra, Warm Spitzer, Swift, Newton, WMAP, Suzaku, GALEX, RXTE, INTEGRAL, Warm WISE. (via Adam Kraus) 

A nice article and summary table at Nature News (via John Gizis).

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