Friday, May 7, 2010

Marquette U (Milwaukee) rescinds job offer to lesbian

Article from The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
Marquette University has pulled an offer to hire a new dean for the College of Arts and Sciences from a lesbian who has written scholarly works on gender and sexual orientation, a move that is sparking criticism from faculty and a protest by students.

It's a Catholic University, though one whose diversity statement says, "Marquette cherishes the dignity of each individual regardless of age, culture, faith, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, disability or social class."  

I've been repeatedly told that a paper job offer from a University is legally binding.  Especially once you accept the offer, sign it, and sent it back.  Is it legal for Marquette to withdraw this job offer?  Thoughts?

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Julie said...


They could be testing the waters - seeing if the candidate will fight it or not. I remember when UCI's law school rescinded their offer to Erwin Chemerinsky and then immediately reversed themselves.